Thursday, July 30, 2009


Light coming through the door

afternoon and rainy

a touch of light hits the floor

shadows cast, chairs sitting straight

casting more shadows

reminds me of a Hopper painting

solitude, lonely shadows

negative and positives, muted colors

light has cast a walkway

to invite you to follow

but ending at the door, teasing the visitor

Look out to see more

leave your pathway behind like it never existed

too tempting not to explore

color, rain, birds singing,

movement, always moving always changing

look, the sun is outdoors

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Reading the book ''Writing down the Bones'' by Natalie Goldberg, and some encouragement from Kelly Jameson- ''Right On''
I think writing is so much like painting.
So here it goes-
I Take the Beach for Granted
The fresh smells of Salt Air
To imagine being at the beach
sitting here or there
Listening to the laughter
hearing music from a radio
splashing waves against the sand
I think of Coppertone
baby oil
sea weed
stuff cooking on the grill
all having different smells
but all being one thrill
People playing sports
football and volleyball
finding fossils
snorkeling and jumping waves
walking and searching of past days
having an ice cream cone
not a care in the world

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Horses and the Beach

This was inspired by another blogger
I left a comment that I take the beach for granted, growing up and living in South Florida it's always right there.
Often wonder why it doesn't overflow.
This photo was taken in Myrtle Beach, when I went to a painters workshop. I think once a year Myrtle Beach lets you ride on the beach, a charity thing.


Why is it that every kid loves stairs.
Maybe it's because the parents are always saying, be careful
and running after them.
Even adults love stairs.
Then there comes a time,
when you can't STAND stairs,
and the kids are saying, be careful
and holding their parents hand.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Starting a new blog, I thought I would start off with trees, and it's even better because the tree has flowers.

This photo was taken in North Carolina, around the last of April>