Sunday, November 8, 2009

Motley Crowd tis is- Thanksgiving 2008
-Before Hurricane Wilma, we always had our gatherings outside-We had a screened in patio, never rained, always beautiful weather. Things change, but they somehow remain the same. We are redoing our kitchen, I am busy unpacking cupboards, going to be so different. Thanksgiving won't be at our house this year. Gonna miss this old kitchen.

Thanks for the Memories-
My Thanksgiving Poem

While packing up our things
thought it will never be the same
so much fuss, so much stuff

Memories in the plates, for goodness sakes
Mother, we miss your apple pie
and Mom your pecan pies
and the family ties
Grandma Zieman's rolls
never taste the same
but we'll keep on trying

Sometimes we take for granted
what we have been granted
Grown up too fast
but what a blast

Aluminium foil
Tupperware that sometimes disappeared
and then reappears next year
family together, some gone forever
but yet right there, in some dish that we have prepared
Generation after generation
marriages and kids
The family tradition
wouldn't trade it for a thing

Going to miss this old Kitchen
with all it's broken things
we'll have a new kitchen to
gather in once again.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. What a beautiful poem. Kevin has been talking a lot about missing Nana's apple pies. He mentions it everytime a thanksgiving or a christmas commerical comes on. As for your tuberware disappearing. I promise it is not me.. (it's Lisa)haha.. Anyway love the poem and the family pic of us last thanksgiving. We are going to miss sharing it with you guys this year. Love you, Judi and Kevin