Wednesday, March 31, 2010


While out strolling with one of our dogs< I happened to notice a flock of birds. They looked like black Ibis, I always thought Ibis were white, except for the young ones. I will have to check that out.
Continuation of the park that use to be a dump-
The picture was taken at a nearby park, this park, the one that use to be a dump. It has been turned into a beautiful park, with playgrounds, kite flying, a horse corral & trail, model airplane strip, even the people that fly those one seated, little motor, wing thingies that fly strip.


  1. Lovely to hear about things getting better instead of worse in our environment. A while ago the harbour near to us was filled with bird watchers - apparently there was a glossy ibis about. It was just a dot in the distance but they were excited as it was a rare sighting!

  2. They are Ibis. I thought at first they were turkeys.