Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dahlonega, Georgia

I took a bookbinding class at the Campbell School over Memorial weekend, it was so much fun. Made three books, two came out really nice, the third was a bit lopsided.
On our drive home we drove through a small town in Georgia, called Dahlonega. I have visited this town before and really loved it. On Memorial Day the town put up flags and crosses with the names of the fallen soldiers, back to World War One. I gotta tell you it brought tears to our eyes. What a wonderful tribute. Gotta love those small towns.


  1. Our town used to have a small flag at each property. It was that way for many years and it was all done by a local real estate agent. It took over 6,000 flags (which he bought) and a whole team of people who began at midnight and ended before dawn on Memorial day. I still have three of the flags. It is no longer done. The economy did it in.

    Living is so difficult these days.
    The cost of breathing is high.
    When I think how it used to be
    I think I'm gonna cry.

    Abraham Lincoln
    My Birds Blog

  2. What a touching thing to do for memorial day. It would have brought me to tears too!