Monday, October 12, 2009

Art Show Weekend!

Unpacking from the weekend art show-This was the hottest weekend of my life, in a daze all weekend, then when packing up it started to rain, that put me into ditsy overload. (more than usual) On the way home, of course we missed our exit and had to backtrack, wellllllllllllllll by then I was freezing from being soaked by the rain, luckily I had a jacket in the van. I did get a few stares at the rest stop, 100 degrees and this nut is wearing a jacket. (Oh well, it gave them something to talk about)

The highlight of the weekend were our neighbors, Jeff Eckert, his drawings were wonderful and he was a laugh a minute. My prize- I Traded one of Jerry's pieces for a BEAUTIFUL painting of an old basket, by Joe Krawczy- Joe and Sherry were our cattycorner neighbors, at the Winter Park Art Show (Florida) I really don't have any wall space, but the painting is so beautiful, that I will find a place! Sherry, Joe's wife, is a wonderful artist, but was not showing her art at this show, She is a hoot. One wonderful artist was handing out water so we wouldn't pass out, and toward the end of the show, a fellow, all deck out with his kilt skirt on was handing out snacks for the ride home, I think he was from the Smoothie Booth, (or an Angel) Thanks, you made the ride home fingerlicking good. Oh, I almost forgot, how could I, Herbert Hofer, who had our booth as one of his destinations. He also kept us laughing, he made his rounds.
Sherry and I were talking about artist, I mentioned Klimt and Hunterwasser as being some of my favorites.
Started this painting a number of years ago. Keep adding little stuff. Kidda a metamorphose. Can you tell I kidda like Gustav Klimt.
Another one of my favorite artists,
I love Color, shapes, and he avoids theory, he used the senses. I like his flamboyant style, and read that critics went crazy, they thought his art should be logical. Oh well, that's what ya get for thinking!

To be Continued------


  1. Sounds like you had a good time at the show. Hope you are all warmed up now. I'll go and check out the links you provided. Thanks.

  2. Beautiful painting!!! Carla would be so proud of you!!!!