Monday, October 19, 2009


Don't even ask. Some will get it and then again some or most won't.
Actually I love doing things like this just to see if anyone notices. Now, my most fun stuff, I like putting different tops on Jerry's woodturnings to see if he notices, he usually does.
To answer a question about the Indian corn photo I posted the other day. Nicky left a comment about the corn, I didn't know, sooooooooo I found out-(see below) The question -
Is Indian Corn edible? Never really thought about this before, I always buy Indian Corn to decorate. The corn is so beautiful that I don't have to do anything else<:)


  1. I never think of eating Indian corn either, but I have heard it's good popped. They said it looks just like regular popcorn.

  2. Interesting, thanks for doing the research. I'd never really thought about popcorn!