Tuesday, September 15, 2009


1. Hue- Very similar in value. Impressionist, Contemp, Post impressionist-(Bonnard-Flat patterns)

2. Black-Old Masters, Contemporary-(Matisse-Abandoned all color theory to work with his intuition)

3. Grey-Contemporary, Luminous- Turner

4. White-Impressionist, Contemporary-(Charles Reid-High key)

5. Shade- Adding a small amount of black or a complement to a pure color. Old Master, Traditional -

6. Tones-Luminous, Traditional (Turner-Strong contrasts in value are avoided.)

7. Tints-Sometimes called tones. Impressionist, Luminous, Traditional, Post Impressionist (Bonnard, Matisse, Turner) Tints are pure colors that have been lightened with addition of water.

It was late 19th century when we started with the formal art criticism and the sale of works in private art galleries. Cassatt (one of my favorites) and others were struggling artist at the time and these new labels were suppose to promote interest and help sales. It didn't but the labels stuck. Then labels became groups and most "Artist"/people do not like to be Labeled

My work is me, my thoughts, feelings, emotions, just me, and am different at different times. If I was grouped I guess I would, be "Excontimrealcubcolorsionism" but that's a really big word, maybe I will stick with Susan.

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