Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Old Barn

The Old Barn
I've been standing much to long
Many an animal I have homed
Long and short, big and tall
There all gone and I miss them all
The other day the wind did blow
Shifted me to the left and then to the right
Ripped my boards from head to toe
They came out and said I had to go
They brought machines
and tore me down
Lit a match and I hit the ground
I'm still here
But they can't see
Only a memory
Left to be

Have Loved this old barn since we bought our place in NC. In July when my grandson and I were in NC I noticed it leaning and knew it wouldn't be long.
So I wanted to get a photo of it before it was gone.
Took this shot on Sat.the 5th of Sept. and it was still smoldering Sunday night, didn't go down without a fight.
Hope the owner saved some of the old wood.
UPDATE- From my friend Jo kilmer.htm
It was sad to see the burning pictures..I did love your poem, only you left out one part,,
How ...the nieghbor up the road {me}
was hurrying to and fro
gathering some of that 100 year old wood
to keep it alive and render it's beauty
for as long as She could..

I got enough to make some beautiful table tops and even do a good size room flooring..

Boo Hoo for all the rest that went up in smoke


  1. What a beautiful ode to a barn that you admired and loved. There is so much metaphor in seeing what is old and valued collapse.

  2. This is a sad story - at least some of the wood was saved. Sometimes it's very hard to see change.