Thursday, August 27, 2009


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Aroma-noun =The odor of a wine imparted by the grapes from which it is made.

Now tell me, what other description could I use.

Wanted to doodle something out but the week has been difficult.
Thought I'd use my Vino Poem

My Lips I cannot feel

So what's the big dealSo how do you think I feel

Too much Vino

That is why I am a little Tipsy

& that's why I feel like a Gypsy
I started to roam
Far away from home

Now that I've had my Wine

I've started to pine

because I cannot find

My home sweet home

Although I'm not a poet

I think I can throw it

The words I mean

are in my mind & not in my Vino


  1. Absolutely - though I'm a white grape fan!

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  3. Grapes - always lovely! I liked your "throw-it" and "poet" - now that is inspired rhyming! Hey, do you know Neruda's Ode to Wine? Here is a link -

    Wine with purple feet
    or wine with topaz blood ...

    Aaaah, beautiful!