Thursday, August 20, 2009

Camping II

Camping- Fridays Word-

I Remember My Girl Scout leader days - when my right hand lady had a migraine and she took one of her pills, she went down so fast and laid on that picnic bench the rest of the day and night. The girls and I put up those tents, wasn't an easy task. Then at night the Peacocks started in on there screaming, wow, what a flash back, camping trip from hell. That's what makes memories and we have loadS of them

Family went a camping
What were we thinking
Motor home was a cruising
ZZ Top on the radio
What fun we were having
until the propane tank was a falling
and it went a flying
unhitched the dump tank hose
and that was just the beginning of our woes
tire it was ripping
What shall we do
propane tank a fuming
tuned off the nozzle
and being just a bit frazzled
put back the hose
Turned on the radio


  1. Thanks for participating, great poem!

  2. Fabulous! love both posts on camping- great poem, wonderful illustrations