Monday, August 24, 2009

My Secret Garden

My secret Garden, not so secret anymore. Jer and I worked this weekend on building an arbor. Ive been collecting branches since I took a workshop from Jo Kilmer. Had to pull weeds, cut back the bamboo, cut some of my herbs etc.
I put the pond in after hurricane Wilma destroyed our deck. That was 3 years ago, digging the hole was no easy task. We live on a coral reef near the everglades. I have been letting the herbs and plants kidda take over since I put in the pond, so in order to see our new arbor I had to cut back.(wonder how long that's going to last. The wood is a combo of citrus and carrot wood. Had a hard rain last night, went out this morning and the arbor is still together.

Not bad for our first try. Jerry sawed some branches that I wanted left on, I kept telling him, Florida Rustic. Next one will have the angled top, it was so hot yesterday that we both were tired out.

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