Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Turning Things - These two paintings were done when I just painted with pure watercolor, then the watercolor clubs went water media and I started to accumulate stuff. Every time I would win an award or sell a painting, I would buy more stuff. Now I can't keep up with the STUFF.

Yesterday I mentioned (on the other blog) that I love drawing & painting faces, either realistic or impressionistic, animal or human. I use to enter my slides in shows, many moons ago. These paintings, I received awards and it started me off on a series of Turnings. I had Turning Cowgirl heads, turning horses, birds, all types of turnings. I was inspired by my daughter. She is and was a multi-task person, she is so that way that she makes my head spin. I stretched her face, because she is stretched in many directions. A mother, a wife, a business person, maintaining all her animals. The horse painting was the same thought- A painting of my horse "Bunch" a horse that was so hyper, he use to let himself out of his stall, even when it was latched, ooooooooooooo, that reminds me of our dogs! Do I see another series after all these years!

Now Jerry is in to the turning, but it is on a lathe.

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